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I would rate my experience with Jewels 10000 stars if I could. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and our experience with her was absolutely amazing. She guided us through  this entire experience as first time home buyers, new to even the idea of a mortgage. She is very responsive, and genuinely cares for her clients. Her assistant Becky is amazing as well! They are a great duo, and together were there every step of the way through the ENTIRE process. They made us feel like no question was too small or insignificant. 10/10 would recommend Jewels if you are looking to get yourself into a mortgage!


- Hannah M

We are so thankful to have found Jewels as a mortgage broker. She is professional, detailed and driven, but the best part is that she’s truly in your court working for you. As well as getting us a competitive mortgage rate that has made our friends jealous, she has laid out many options to talk about a financial real estate plan. Jewels opened our eyes to our potential to have investment properties work for us, and be mortgage free years earlier than we have ever thought possible. We would recommend Jewels and her team to anyone looking for a competitive personal approach in mortgages far beyond anything you could ever expect at a bank.


- Kristine V


Jewels has been an amazing help throughout our mortgage application! She is patient and extremely knowledgeable. Her support is continuous even after you have your approved mortgage.  Becky has also been wonderful to deal with. The journey with them is  not over yet and I know I can always count on Jewels for financial guidance.
- Valerie K

Surrounding yourself with an outstanding team is essential to live a stress free experience when purchasing a property. Even then there was nerve-racking moments. At first, using the service of a mortgage broker advertising being in the country's top 5% seemed reassuring; she is certainly one of the best. Then we thought of the flip side of this coin; she must be very busy. Would she even have time to answer our questions? Let me tell you that Jewel and her team never made us feel like we were just another customer. They took the time to answer all our questions. There was no pressure to select one option or another. Instead we discussed thoroughly the ramifications of each option available to us. Thanks to her support we are confident we made a choice corresponding to us perfectly.

- Sacha G

Jewels and Becky made an awesome team - keeping us informed each step of the way, answering questions, listening to and understanding our needs, finding the best option and rates to accomodate us.  So glad to have been referred to Jewels through a friend of ours.  We gained valuable insight as to where we were financially at and then shown the plans to address the current situation and move forward in a new direction and savings.  The transition went smooth and quickly - the whole process was a wonderful and satisfying experience.  We would highly recommend Jewels to everyone!

- Iris B

Working through all my mortgage stuff with Jewels and Becky was absolutely great! I was a first time home buyer and did not feel pressured with anything. Both Jewels and Becky answered all my questions and I felt very well taken care of throughout the whole process. I reached out to Jewels over a year before actually moving forward with the mortgage process, I wasn't pestered about it all and they just assured me they were there when I needed them. I recommend this fabulous team to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy team to handle all the details with buying a home. I will definitely use their services again in the future!

- Camille R

Jewels (and her assistant Becky) were excellent to work with. They were quick to reply if I had questions and they made the process easy. I would definitely choose to work with them again. Thanks again for all your help!!


- Lea T

Jewels and her assistant Becky were ALWAYS prompt, clear and everything was so well explained to us. They are kind, considerate and heard our concerns, and always responded to them. We have worked with them several times and I will continue to recommend them to our friends and family. Their professionalism was exceptional.


- Bryar-Anne W

I can always count on top notch service from Jewels &  Becky!!

- Penny P

Jewels and Becky provided us with the best possible service with obtaining a mortgage. Jewels was always just a text or phone call away when ever we had questions or doubts and has a very calming and welcoming demeanour. We were extremely discouraged prior to our first meeting with Jewels and she presented us with a variety of options and scenarios and made the whole process easy and understandable. I would recommend Jewels to anyone that is looking for reliable and honest advice, she truly went above and beyond. We truly could not be any happier with the level of service and the way we were treated from our first phone call to signing our mortgage documents.

- Rory M

I have no idea how we ever could have taken the step of investing in a second property without Jewels' support and guidance!

In fact I can say there's no way we would have. Jewels and her team have made the process SO EASY - sending us reminders in sequence with what we need to do when. I don't have to keep a list or keep track of a million moving parts, I have felt so well supported through the whole experience. Jewels helped us understand how to make our equity work for us, and to use it to not only grow our wealth down the line but to add more money to our pockets monthly right now. Going through this process has helped me massively shift my relationship with money!! Thanks to Jewels we can see just how abundant we are. Needless to say I highly recommend working with her.

- Carly B

Jewels is amazing! Her service has been exceptional. She is thorough, timely, and supportive. I highly recommend her.

- Sarah G


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